Thursday, February 8, 2007

Alex Constantine: The New Mae Brussell

With the world rapidly disintegrating, we very much miss the research of Mae Brussell. In these troubling times, it is comforting to know that there are still those among us who are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty and follow in the illustrious footsteps of Mae Brussell. One of those stalwarts is Alex Constantine, whose investigative masterpieces Psychic Dictatorship USA, Virtual Government and The Covert War Against Rock are published by cutting-edge literary outfit Feral House.* Now, Alex has emerged as a leading figure in the 9/11 Truth Movement, working with the WebFairy and others.There’s an old saying that goes: “No good deed goes unpunished.” That saying applies to Alex, whose groundbreaking research has been rewarded with a harrowing regimen of electronic torture by America’s government. For people who think that torture is the type of suffering meted out at Abu Ghraib, the story of what Alex has endured should be eye opening. In 1994, Alex described his ordeal in a letter to a high-tech magazine ]:

December, 1994
Mondo 2000
San Francisco, CA

For five years I have been the victim of a formal TORTURE program at the hands of the CIA. The torture is electromagnetic and difficult to trace, retaliation for my political research. . . . I have been subjected to a gruelling daily regimen of torture rendered from a remote source. I have been burned by microwaves, kept awake for days at a stretch by shrieking noises in my ears, the effect of pulsed audiograms. One evening I was hit by an infra-sound attack . . . on my spine, the most painful experience of my life. I was left crawling and screaming across the floor. For die-hard skeptics, I can offer this proof: Two of the leading child psychologists in the country once witnessed magnets repelled from my cranium.

When I wrote a letter to Amnesty International about my plight (it was ignored), friends of mind [sic] were subjected to microwave attack. . . . Regards, Alex Constantine”

Adding insult to injury, unthinking critics have made fun of Alex’s suffering. One of these is a former associate of Alex’s named Martin Cannon. [Is Cannon a CIA agent?] Cynically mocking Alex’s plight, Cannon wrote:“More stuff on Dan Rightmyer - the kook known as penname ‘Alex Constantine.’

I've responded adequately to Dan Rightmyer and his silly billy pal Brian in another recent thread. But there is something else you good folks really ought to know about Dan ‘Alex ConstantWhine’ Rightmyer. (Sung to the tune of the ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ theme...) Come and listen to my story ‘bout a nut named Dan, Hears voices in his head he says are from ‘The Man.’ He says ‘They filled my noggin full of electronic bugs!’ But he doesn't let you know that he's done a lot of DRUGS. (ACID, that is. LSD. ‘Hundreds of trips.’) ‘Hundreds of acid trips’ is the admission Dan made to his former best friend, S.M. Any reasonable person who wants the full story should feel free to write me or call me. I'll tell ya how to talk to this former best friend for yourself -- you'll hear all sorts of outrageous, hilarious stories about Dan's history of massive drug abuse, as well his insane behavior.(Here's a sample: Once, one of Dan's inner ‘tormentors’ identified himself by name. Dan found that a gentleman of this name was listed in the phone book. Dan, who owned a firearm, threatened to go to the house of this obviously-innocent party and shoot him!)”

Fortunately, Alex has remained undaunted. Eleven years after he first disclosed the horrifying details of his torture at the hands of our government, he straightened out his cruel, small-minded critics in a 2005 posting on the “KPFK Listener Forum.” [This forum was created for devotees of the Pacifica radio network’s Los Angeles outlet.] In that posting, Alex wrote more about his ordeal, with the most shocking parts italicized for emphasis:

“ ‘Please document your claims. Who were the psychologists who ‘witnessed magnets repelled from [your] cranium’?‘I have responded to this question on Internet discussion lists when serious people were interested. Two former colleagues of a well-known KPFK talk show host witnessed the episode. It was the least spectacular event that occurred on the afternoon in question, BTW. I also knocked out a light bulb and a new CD player. Since you haven't stooped to flames, I'll explain ... I was targeted by electronic weapons - these are not so obscure these days, after all, and all of the past ridicule on this message board is misplaced, not to mention cruel. I have for 20 years fought as fiercely as anyone for human rights on a number of fronts - and was tortured for it. We know the sort of person who flames torture victims, don't we? Why would I respond to that sort of lowlife. My focus is on federally-sponsored atrocities, corruption, cover-ups ... not idiots who have to struggle with a simple explanation for an event that is not really so far-out, after all. I've written about the technology in two books. Read them, check the footnotes, and you'll understand where I'm coming from.AC”

Right on, Alex!

*Feral House’s pioneering founder and owner Adam Parfrey is also a pacesetter in presenting avant-garde art, alternative politics, and culture and music, working with his friend and associate Boyd Rice, who named Feral House. Hopefully, Adam will publish an account of Alex’s persecution, so that more people can learn about the terrifying potential of EM weapons.